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Swirl and Sip Fine Wines was founded by Pardon Taguzu with the aim to bring you nothing but the best Sommelier and Chef experience in the comfort of your home.

On this platform, SSFW provides you with the best wines and recipes in the country and beyond, as well as access to the best Sommeliers and Chefs’ recommendations at the click of a button, bringing the fine dining experience to your home.

Sommelier Selection packages

The Exclusive Sommelier Selection packages offer you seasoned recipes by top chefs of the Netherlands paired with wines personally selected by the renowned sommelier Pardon Taguzu to create the fine dining experience in the comfort of your home.

The carefully chosen combinations of recipes and wines bring the satisfaction of chef-level cooking to your kitchen, the pleasure of fine dining to your table, and the joy of entertaining to your living room.

Whether you are a wine lover looking for a guaranteed success of a romantic candle light dinner, an experienced world traveller wishing to share your memories with a group of friends, or a connoisseur hosting a high society dinner party with elite guests, in one of our packages you will find just what you need to impress your companions, while having certainty about the quality of the food and wine you are serving.


You know you love wine but you don’t want to take the risk of getting it wrong and picking a bottle that eventually doesn’t go well with your lunch or dinner. You have no time to study labels and create menus. Let us do it for you. In this package you will find a tested but not complicated recipe based on ingredients you will find in your local store, and the wine that is guaranteed to match the dish you will create. Our chef and sommelier have worked together to develop this combination for your stressless, yet truly impressive meal.

You know your wines, you have been places, you have dined well. At home, this is the experience you want to recreate. You are also open to trying out new flavours that will enrich your life and you are happy to let us present you with the fruits of our expertise. Our chef and sommelier have created a recipe based on locally available ingredients, that will satisfy your taste and impress your companions, perfectly paired with an exclusive wine selection. Let us guide you and maybe surprise you with this prestige package.

You know the good life, you live it. You want only the best for yourself and your guests, and you are the perfect host. Let us match your standards by offering you this superior package combining a unique and carefully developed recipe and excellent wine selection, satisfying the most sophisticated tastes. We know how important it is for things to be right and we guarantee the best culinary experience you can have in your home. You can be sure of our expertise just as we are sure of yours.

Visit our Sommelier’s Wine Cellar where you can order single bottles of the wines personally tasted and selected by our sommelier. Our Wine Cellar is continuously developed to suit enthusiasts’, explorers’ and epicures’ tastes and needs.


Pardon Taguzu
Sommelier at Swirl and Sip Fine Wines


Born and raised in Zimbabwe, in the most scenic eastern highlands called Honde Valley, near the border of Mozambique, I began my career in hospitality as a runner at the Royal Hotel in Riebeek Kasteel, 89 km outside of Cape Town, South Africa. Thanks to my ability to adapt, I quickly went on to work behind the bar, before becoming a waiter and then a wine steward at Mama Cucina, the best Italian restaurant in the area. There, I was given an opportunity to create  my first signature wine list, which included wines of such prominent producers as Eben Sadie, David and Nadia Sadie, Mullinuex, Silwervis Wines by Ryan Mostert & Samantha Suddons, to mention just a few.


My journey in the Riebeek Valley ended when I took the big step to move to the Central Business District of Cape Town, after a renowned German chef and owner of Aubergine, a contemporary Asian, French and Mediterranean cuisine restaurant in Cape Town, had taken an interest in my career. In 2017, I became one of the “Moët and Chandon best young sommeliers” in South Africa. I continued breaking through barriers and went on to become one of the Top 5 wine tasters in South Africa, having competed in South African Wine Tasting Championships (SWTC). This, in turn, put me on Team Zimbabwe at the World Blind Tasting Championship in France in 2017 and 2018, where we achieved the 14th best in the world position. This achievement ignited my promotion to a Sommelier. I worked with the best wine list in Africa and the Middle East (according to Diners Club), with over 800 references from all over the world, and managed a 17,500-bottle wine cellar.

Now and beyond

My next career move is importing South African as well as non-South African wines into the European Market. I am now based in the Netherlands and I continue pushing the barriers by becoming the first Black African importer of wine in the European market. Collaborating with the high-end gastronomy sector and top chefs and sommeliers, I specialise in identifying the best wines for their renowned restaurants and patrons across Europe.

I am an executive board member of the non-profit organisation the Black Cellar Club (BLACC) and I am still part of Team Zimbabwe (ZimSomms), which participates in world wine tasting championships. I am also a wine juror at the World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE) in Amsterdam.

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